SCANS by Sarah Bourscheid

Scans from the past decade! Reeeally cleanin house over here. 

X MARKS THE ILLNESS by Sarah Bourscheid

December has been a weird month. Between the Thomas Fire and 2 different bouts of illness, I lost my sense of normalcy. I spent many days in a fevered puddle of sheets or on my phone checking the fire perimeter. This was also the first Christmas in many years which my whole family was together. It was refreshing to experience an old normalcy after all the weirdness. As we grow and move around, Christmas together has become more rare and that much more special. It's unlikely to happen again next year, but let's hope my immune system fares better regardless. 

I'm so lucky to be able to call these heroes family.

PHILLY CHEESE FACE by Sarah Bourscheid

For those of you who don't know my little sister Caroline, you may recognize her from my photos- colorful hair, porcelain skin, and a pointed look of frustration at the camera. This past summer, she moved from California to Philly, to what feels like a million miles away. For the first time since I left the east coast 5 years ago, I flew back for Thanksgiving. I got to see Caroline's new city digs, visit my grandpa, and work on a documentary I'm making with Alicia Afshar.

Here are some shots from my adventure. To see what my grandpa is up to, check out my project Sweets to the Sweet.

ALTER EGOS by Sarah Bourscheid

On my recent visit back east, I caught up with a lot of relatives I haven't seen in years. It's a true pleasure to see what amazing young women my cousins have become. They shared with us some of their passions and we played in their photo studio. We ate raspberry turfles and Caroline discovered her alter ego in a wig.

CATCHING UP by Sarah Bourscheid

I'm about a year behind on my personal archives and almost 2 years behind on adding new projects to my website. I don't carry my camera around as much as I used to, but when I do, the photos get organized and then forgotten. I think having a space here for these personal visual notes will keep me shooting. So, please forgive and/or enjoy this heavy dump of catch up. 

KAUAI by Sarah Bourscheid

A year ago, my sister met me in Kauai for a Thanksgiving vacation. It was a tumultuous time in my life- I was leaving a relationship, leaving a home, and the country was going through a political shit storm. With the backdrop of paradise, I had a lot of alone time to explore how these changes were changing within me. Naturally, I brought my camera to document some of the feels.

Kauai is a stunning place and we left feeling so grateful for all the beauty we experienced. But we also felt guilty. Guilty for enjoying the fruits of colonization, guilty for our privilege. This trip kinda kicked off a year of heavy self reflection.